CHUP was born in 2009. Prior to that, GLEN CLYDE had accumulated decades of hosiery knitting experience, taking the totem of foreign cultures as the core of the design, integrating historical background and ethnic diversity into it, and through a variety of colored yarns. Apply, stack to create a unique charm! It is also because GLEN CLYDE has recruited many female designers in the past, creating a full range of CHUP styles for both men and women. In recent years, it has also provided more size options to meet the needs of every pair of big and small feet.
Of course, the perfect match with various styles is still the most attractive highlight of CHUP. No matter whether it is worn by industrial gentry, sports style, or outdoor style, CHUP can enrich its layers and bring more unique matching. As the brand becomes more and more mature, they also optimize the design field and production machinery year by year, aiming to provide comfortable and stylish Japanese-made knitted socks.