Wear and care / 商品保養




  • 除特別說明之布料,不需洗滌可直接穿著
  • 首次下水建議六個月為佳,色落成果最佳
  • 切勿使用漂白成份洗劑
  • 第一年可都以泡水清潔,可加洗劑,幫助定型
  • 深色衣物專用洗劑更佳



  • 淺色刷色至少二個月洗滌保養
  • 深色刷色至少六個月洗滌保養
  • 長時間未清洗可能會有黃漬
  • 長時間未清洗可能導致布料受損,增加破洞可能



  • 切勿烘乾
  • 切勿使用柔軟精
  • 切勿使用漂白成份洗劑
  • 洗衣機柔洗、低轉速佳,最少要放洗衣袋
  • 如有任何不確定,歡迎直接透過右下角聊天欄詢問


《Raw Denim》

  • Most raw denim is sanforized/washed and does not require washing before you start wearing them.
  • For the first wash it is recommended to wear for at least 6 months for maximum fading potential.
  • Do not use detergent that contains bleach or softener.
  • For the creases to settled better in place, you may only soaked your raw jeans in water during the 1st year of wear. Detergent can be added or not depends on how dirty it is.
  • Use detergent that is designed to protect color or specifically for the dark color garments.


《Washed Denim》

  • It is recommended to wash your "light washed" jeans every 2 months to avoid it getting too much yellowish staining/oxidation by dirt.
  • It is recommended to wash your "dark washed" jeans every 6 months.
  • If you wash your jeans for too long and do not clean it properly, it can lead to damage to your jeans fabric and eventually caused ripping.


《Washing tips for premium garments》

  • Do not tumble dry at all.
  • Do not use softener at all.
  • Do not use bleach.
  • Put your cloth in a wash bag.
  • Wash daily clothes with low spin rate.