Indigofera Jeans

Indigofera's brand is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. There are many well-known American vintage collectors in Sweden. The brand manager and design director Mats Andersson is a collector who has been active in the vintage industry for more than 30 years. He has held important positions at the headquarters and has accumulated many years of practical experience.
Prima Garments for Good Times -- "Wear good clothes, enjoy good times"
Prima means Quality in Swedish
The starting point of most casual clothing today is from the past clothing and life, and the same is true for Indigofera. Combining a deep understanding of clothing history and years of contacts in the industry, Mats established Indigofera Jeans in 2009 to develop its own unique fabrics and hardware. After years of hard work, it currently has a stable influence among European and American men's clothing stores, providing classic American designs for men who pursue taste, craftsmanship, and beauty. This classic is the original charming world view of Indigofera.
Blue Beach Denim is the first official agent in Asia