【Brand Story】
The name of the VASCO brand comes from the English name Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese navigator who discovered India. Since then, Da Gama has successfully established the connection between Europe and Asia. The important mileage of discovery, the brand manager uses this to encourage himself, and is committed to injecting such spirit and vision into VASCO's products.
【Brand Concept】
VASCO specializes in the production of bags and leather goods, and their designs are all considered from the perspective of "travel accessories".
Various accessories come and go during the journey, and with the passage of time, only the necessity of the bag itself remains unchanged. Therefore, creating a high-quality backpack that people "hold for a lifetime" and accompany the user's life has become the highest product produced by VASCO. In principle, year after year, VASCO's staff spirit will continue to practice this purpose.