Flea-t|Authentic sportswear 1950s T-shirt

A T-shirt brand curated by Alessandro Squarzi, the head of Fortela. As a world-renowned vintage collector, Alessandro has a unique understanding and concept of retro. He is good at using American vintage clothing as the basis, and then through the selection of styles. Paired with separate items, it presents a casual atmosphere that blends Italian classics. Flea-t literally means "flea market" T-shirt, recreating the rare old T-shirts of the 50s that can only be found in the second-hand market. Flea-t is both The use of heavy-weight fabrics, washed and brushed, brings a solid feel and a good wearing experience. This is not only a tribute to those old products, but after the baptism of time, it can also become a true classic old product. , made in Italy, a high-quality short T-shirt not to be missed in spring and summer.