Despite zero advertising and public relations campaign, "ONI Denim" has emerged as one of the most coveted jeans brands from Japan. The mastermind behind this operation, Masao Oishi, carries over 60 years of experience in the Japanese jeans industry. Initially as one of the first employees at Levi's Japan, he later then contributed to the establishment of several pioneering Japanese jeans brands. His extensive experience has culminated in the unique craftsmanship at ONI.   

The origin of the name ONI traces back to the brand's first business visit to retailers in Tokyo. The distinctive texture of the original ONI jeans left a strong impression on the retailers, likened to the rugged face of a devil ("oni" being the Japanese word for devil). Inspired by this story, the name ONI was born.    

Oishi-san believes the quality of the products will speak for themselves. The secretive nature of ONI Denim reflects a craftsman's focus on his art rather than on publicity. Wearing ONI jeans offers an exceptional journey; the more they are worn, the more expression of the devil denim comes to life.