ONI Denim

ONI Denim is a denim brand created by the manager Mr. Oishi. It does not have any advertisements or publicity . It is widely spread among players simply by virtue of its unique fabrics, which embodies the so-called "good products will speak for themselves." , before founding ONI Denim, Mr. Oishi participated in it as early as the first Japanese-made Levi's, accumulated a lot of experience and creative inspiration, and then became a powerful energy of ONI Denim. On the fabric, you can see the endowment of the old Japanese loom The thick slub and wool feeling, as well as the fine dyeing method; when creating, Mr. Oishi often insists on going against commercial practices, including using the only shuttle loom left in the world or the dyeing process that is about to be lost , The development of many styles is time-consuming and exhausting, and it is precisely because of this that ONI Denim has achieved its height in the denim world.