Freenote Cloth

Founded in California, USA in 2013 and co-created by brothers Matt Brodrick and Andrew Brodrickvm, Freenote 's design is inspired by the most common clothing in authentic American culture, from the classic outfits of historical model male stars to native Americans These high-quality men's clothing are produced in the United States from childhood to daily clothing worn by the metropolis. They purchase excellent raw materials from all over the world, and use the historical and traditional craftsmanship of the United States to present the highest level of American manufacturing.
Every stitch, every thread, and how every part of the fabric is presented is the result of careful consideration. Freenote believes that the details of a piece of clothing, hardware and other accessories are as important as the fabric itself. Therefore, from the very beginning, we are looking for cooperative manufacturers In the process of working with raw material suppliers, the brand insists on only cooperating with the elite manufacturers, and the goal is to produce high-quality clothes that can stand the test of time. These clothes will mature and look better with time just like people, Freenote Hope to make you proud of what you wear.