Japan Blue Jeans

The story of the establishment of the Japan Blue Jeans brand is well-known in the denim industry. The initial opportunity occurred at the international trade exhibition of the group's fabric factory. In order to clearly show the effect of the fabric after being sewn into trousers, samples were cut from the self-developed selvedge fabric The trousers were displayed at the booth. Unexpectedly, although there are many people who want to buy fabrics, more people want to buy this "sample trousers" directly. Therefore, the group leaders have the idea of ​​​​establishing a new brand. Therefore, Japan Blue Group took Carrying the experience of serving more than 1,000 brand customers from various countries, Japan Blue Jeans (abbreviated as JBJ) was officially launched in 2010 with the idea of ​​"making denim pants more fun for daily use". As a relatively young brand, it has no traditional burden, has great creative space, and continues to explore the diversification and limit of denim.