"The Denham Jeans brand philosophy is rooted in two things: details and authenticity. Details are what make us different, details define Denham, details drive Denham every step of the way. Authenticity is our innate ability, we create authentic Art, the pursuit of authenticity determines how we complete each piece of work."
"The Truth Is In The Details.”
"The devil is in the details."


For more than ten years, we have been constantly looking for denim fabrics with richer texture and texture, which has made Denham's denim products more and more charming over time. In this process, we are familiar with the differences of different dyes. Layers, indigo dyeing is more blue than blue, destruction, cutting, patching, redefining fashion with denim cuts, all in all, these are the reasons that make Denham unique and above the level, "details make us, our devil hides" in the details".

"If you want to know how we implement the brand concept, you can examine each pair of pants carefully from the inside to the outside. The devil in the details can speak, telling the story of each Denham jeans." – Founder, Jason Denham