CHUP Socks | Japanese Expert Socks Maker

CHUP was launched in 2009, emerging from the decades of sock knitting experience accumulated by its parent company, Glen Clyde. CHUP captures the essence of foreign cultures through their motifs as the core of its designs. Using hand-linked teniques and old knitting machines. CHUP incorporates historical backgrounds and ethnic diversity, creating a unique style with the application of various colored yarns. Thanks to Glen Clyde's history of employing numerous female designers, CHUP's range is universally appealing to both men and women, and in recent years, it has expanded its size options to cater to every foot size.
The brand's ability to perfectly complement a variety of styles remains CHUP's most attractive feature. Whether it's for a smart casual look, sporty vibes, or outdoor styles, CHUP can enhance the depth of these outfits, bringing a charming flair to any ensemble. As the brand becomes more and more popular, they also optimize the design field and production machinery year by year, aiming to provide comfortable and stylish Japanese-made knitted socks.