Baracuta|Original Harriton Jacket

Baracuta is renowned in the fashion world for its G9 jacket, which is also the original Harrington jacket, earning the title "The Original Harrington Jacket." Its simple and sleek appearance exudes a rich classic charm, and the red and green intersecting tartan lining is unforgettable at first glance.

Since the 1960s, the Baracuta G9 has sparked a fashion whirlwind that continues to this day. It has been favored by movie stars of the time, such as Steve McQueen and Elvis Presley, as well as contemporary Hollywood stars like Leonardo DiCaprio, Bradley Cooper, Daniel Craig, Henry Cavill, Damian Lewis, Tom Hardy, and Jason Statham, both on and off the screen.

Born in the damp and frequently rainy climate of England, the G9 (representing golf and nine holes) jacket was initially designed as a functional jacket for golf enthusiasts. In addition to its close-fitting and gentlemanly cut, the G9 naturally offers windproof and waterproof features. Its classic appearance has remained unchanged through the ages, perfectly bridging the fashion DNA of different eras. This has created a more versatile piece that is both rebellious and elegant, timeless yet fashionable. The G9 is steadily moving towards its centenary, and even the next century.