Our philosophy

Good Things Age Well

Time flies and things last forever

We have always prepared high-quality, high-comfort denim and casual options for all parties in Taiwan, and brand designs that will become more and more beautiful over time. At the same time, we strongly advocate the concept of sustainable branding. More than half of the products in the store are made by European latest technology zero pollution process manufacturing.

The main selections in the Blue Beach Denim store are all the brands we love from the heart, and they are also the must-have items that we wear every day, whether we work at work or go hiking on holidays. When we come to Blue Beach Denim, we will share with you not only from Europe Italian, Japanese and American craftsmanship, and the best of our lives and passions for jeans and shoes.

We are people reside by the indigo blue. We love denim as much as we love our life and the mother Earth.

For us our mission is to preach the good will behind every sincere denim makers and promote the ethos of "Sustainable by Quality".

Transparency and sustainability is at the core of everything we do.

Our two concept store fronts are designed for people to learn about the evolution ability of denim and materials.

We believe "Good Things Age Well".

It is how we select our partners and how we think the future of garments industry should focus on.

Here we share our passion in denim and to help you find your dream pair of jeans with our vast collection from Japan, EU and the US.

Blue Beach Selection Principles

Oppose fast fashion and choose brands that uphold well-made.

High transparency in the production chain, high ethical standards, and corporate social responsibility are the characteristics that future apparel brands will have.

All the clothes we sell are based on craftsmanship, combined with deep knowledge of the clothing industry, to produce replica, classic or modern men's clothing. The selected items must be tailored and comfortable to Taiwanese customers.

Regardless of the style, the starting point of all selections is that users are expected to use products with good quality and even family heirlooms that can be used for more than five to ten years.

What we advocate is "buy better, but buy less".

We look for and bring in brands whose philosophy matches ours. It is advocated that the fabric is the canvas, time is everyone's paint, and the next story is created and swayed by the user!

Repair Service

Blue Beach Repair Services

In addition to selling high-quality clothing that looks better with time, we hope to prolong the life of your clothes and trousers as long as possible, so as long as it is repairable, regardless of the brand, we will use imported antiques Modify the sewing machine for repair, and implement the Reuse link of the sustainable cycle of clothing.