Nudie Jeans

Founded in Sweden in 2001 by former LEE European line designer Maria Erixon, Nudie Jeans has become one of the top three European denim design brands in just fifteen years under the leadership of Johan Lindstedt, a well-known designer in the denim industry, using authentic Italian tailors The construction method is recognized as one of the best in the denim industry and has a slim fit. The brand's unique patented fabric also brings unexpected comfort in the wearing body. The concept of 100% organic cotton was proposed at the beginning of its establishment. The entire production chain will be completed within ten years. Reform​Avoid land desertification and achieve sustainable farming. The manufacturing process of each piece of clothing is fully traceable on the official website.
Advocating organic cotton, high quality, change, and sustainability, it is now the world's most famous brand of raw-color pants, and it continues to be selected as the most environmentally friendly jeans brand every year.
All designs are made with unisex in mind, and there is also a complete denim collection specially designed for women.