Mister Freedom

Mister Freedom, an internationally renowned vintage store in California and the brand of the same name, was opened by French-American Christophe Loiron in 2003. The location in the Hollywood area of ​​Los Angeles is also a retail space, headquarters, and creative studio.
Mister Freedom's creativity and innovative ability in the production of old-age clothing is unrivaled. Behind it is the painstaking efforts of the manager who read and studied countless antiques. Every piece of clothing is a "collector" level work. Perfectly presented by the hands of master craftsmen, it is worthy of investment and long-term collection. The idea of ​​the manager and designer Christophe is conveyed in words, which is "constructed in a real historical background, with original story scripts and clothes worn by original fictional characters. MSFC does not take the responsibility of reproducing vintage works from the first year, but Create clothing that may have appeared in history but has not appeared before.” Every piece of clothing has its own story and owner’s setting. Such a beautiful imagination is lacking in modern clothing, but Christophe has a soft spot for original color denim and military workwear Since 2006, we have cooperated with Toyo Enterprises (Sugar Cane Co./Buzz Rickson) in Japan. Most of the clothes use top-level, exclusive, and NOS fabrics from Japan. The stitching is done in the United States and Japan by different experts. Exquisite master finish, many details are incomparable.