Repair Service / Jeans repair service-high-end customized machine tool pants repair service

The allure of jeans is nothing more than to create their own traces of time with the wear and life of the owner, and the more you like the pants, the more often you wear them, it will inevitably be broken one day; whether it is a hole in the knee, The legs become thinner, the pockets are torn, the whiskers are drawn, the patches are strengthened... We are happy to use the most professional customized equipment to extend the life of your favorite pants forever!

  • Visit our store or join the store's official LINE @bddtw (remember to add @) to make an appointment and delivery.
  • Discuss the needs with the master and usually reinforce them in the way we think is most suitable.
  • The current working day is about two weeks to complete.
  • After the repair is completed, the supermarket will send it back and come to the store to pick it up.
  • Pocket rework/reinforcement, length modification, additional days by different craftsmen.

In order to protect the hygiene and health of the workers, and to ensure that the master and your Chimoji will not be affected, please read the following carefully:

  • Customers who repair jeans for the first time and have doubts about the repair method or are not clear, please call the customer service number: 02-2287-8790 before sending the item.
  • Be sure to wash the jeans before repairing. Respect is equal. If there are hygiene concerns, the master has the right to return them. More importantly, the jeans that have been worn loose are physically deformed, and the best plane and strength for repair have not been achieved. Wash them Rear retraction is the most ideal situation.
  • If you are particularly concerned about the results, remember to read the following carefully and communicate with us in advance. We are the bridge between you and the master, and we hope that both parties can understand and be satisfied with each other:
  • (1) At present, the service of modifying the version and length has not been provided.
  • (2) The repair methods of our masters are all professional standard practices in the industry.
  • (3) Please remember to scroll down to read carefully, and you are welcome to discuss and confirm the details with our master at any time, so as to avoid any gaps with expectations.
  • The purpose of the patch is to strengthen the structure and prolong the wearing life, not to restore the appearance as the primary purpose. The master will try to make the stitching part inconspicuous. Our patch range is larger than the general ones, and the appearance is invisible, and the comfort is high. It can also be used Avoid breaking around in the short term.
For patching examples, please refer to: Blue Beach Denim Blue Beach Official Website