Founded in 2010, the brand is headed by Yoshiyuki Hayashi, a designer with 30 years of experience, who once had the title of "King of Denim". He is the founder and manager of the denim brand "DENIME", one of the five tigers in Osaka. The most famous is the classic trousers such as deconstructed and reproduced Levi's 66501, which has won the love of a large number of denim lovers. But after the brand was acquired by The Real McCoy's, the business direction changed. Hayashi San felt that the creative space was becoming more and more limited, so he resolutely sold "DENIME" and left the brand. However, this could not dampen his enthusiasm for denim, Hayashi San founded the new brand RESOLUTE in 2010! The long-awaited fans were hooked, and finally they could experience the creation of the cowboy emperor again.