Naked & Famous Denim

Originated from Montreal, Canada, Naked & Famous (N&F) is also called "a famous name" and "nude girl" in Chinese. The meaning behind the brand name is to satirize the contemporary popular culture that worships celebrities, especially under the influence of Hollywood, many sensational brands have been produced. The reason for this kind of jeans, which cost NT$9,000 to tens of thousands, is nothing more than celebrity endorsements, etc. The price is not expensive because of its own materials and craftsmanship. Because of the above reasons, Naked and Famous will never fall into the stereotype of a typical fashion brand. The manager Brandon Svarc (Brandon Svarc) abandons all marketing budgets such as celebrity endorsements, and invests all resources in the denim fabrics selected by the brand. Inside, the famous Japanese old shuttle looms are used to develop raw-color jeans that are recognized as excellent in quality. There is no additional processing, washing, or unreasonable parts.
"The most innovative, funny, funny, crazy, mature, professional brand of primary color pants."