"Our name is not important, what is important is that we bring back traditions and join hands with artisans from all over the world; what is important is that we bring back weaving techniques that were unseen thirty years ago; what is important is that we join hands with the past and look forward to the future The important thing is that we are here to continue an artistic life. Tanuki will change and grow with your life, and Tanuki's art will become a part of you." Tanuki is a unique species of "Japanese raccoon dog" native to Japan. Li is a shape-shifting and mischievous animal. According to legend, his magic comes from his huge lower body, which can turn him into a human shape, an object, or any shape he wants to deform. Tanuki designers use this magic to compare the change of primary color pants with time. characteristic. Tanuki has used a method that has not been used for decades to make denim, which symbolizes that such denim pants are not only made in Japan, but also a unique species in Japan, just like "Japanese raccoons".