The magic of Tanuki Denim is the innovative and artful form of jeans that transforms your being.
Founded by a group of masterful craftsmen from the Japanese denim industry. The Okayama based brand Tanuki is a relatively young label that brings the expertise of different mills together to create something new and spectacular. With decades of experience altogether, an evolution began. It represents the collision of new and old; the fusion of invention and tradition.
The masterminds behind the scene would stay anonymous. Knowing who makes your Tanuki jeans is not the point. The point is solely about enjoying the art in denim.
“This is a ‘spirit bomb’ of the Japanese denim makers as I would put it.” Sven, the store manager
“Tanuki’s creations are uniquely comfortable and evolve in ways you might never experience before. They are truly pushing the boundaries of the known denim world while offering something that you can wear on most occasions. Unless you wear suits everyday.”