Bzen Clothing

Founded in Montreal, Canada, Bzen is a retro brand specializing in workwear, military uniforms and other clothing. It explores the charm of dyeing through indigo dyeing, hand dyeing and natural dyeing techniques. It combines Eastern and Western inspirations to design classic and original American clothing. .
The fabrics are from well-known large and small fabric factories in Japan, Europe and other places, including Kaihara, Kuroki, Collect, Isko...etc.

Denim Design Lab (DDL for short) was established in California. It specializes in denim products, washing and old-fashioned techniques. It has helped RRL and many large brands develop coloring. The main inspiration comes from early American work clothes. All products in the line use denim made in the United States , including White Oak, Cone Denim, and large and small cloth factories in various places, many of which are stock and out-of-print old cloth (dead stock), including historical cloth preserved by Greenwood, Grainiteville, Avondale and other cloth factories.

All styles can be ordered on Miner49 official website】
The currency value is based on USD
Some XS size brands that are out of stock will be specially made for Taiwanese customers
For details, please private message LINE customer service@bbdtw