Mr. Fliks | Retro casual shoe brand

The story of Mr. Fliks can be told from the 1960s. Redondo Beach, California, is a leisurely harbor town in California. This is also Fliks’s hometown. After returning from the Vietnam War, anti-war sentiments sprang up in various parts of the United States. The hippie culture is spreading all over the world at an extremely fast speed. Young people are gradually breaking away from tradition in their clothing and expressing their weariness with war in an individualistic way. Veteran soldiers are also wearing military uniforms to express their desire for peace. The two The two cultures merged with each other, and military uniform elements became popular nowadays. It was at this time that Fliks brought the navy deck shoes that he was deeply fascinated by during the service back to the public in a form that is close to life, using vulcanized rubber. The sole is paired with canvas to create a comfortable, lightweight, easy-to-wear shoe, and the words "Rodeo Beach" and two stars are added to it, a subtle tribute to the hometown.