3sixteen-Quality Jeans Made in USA

In 2003, it was born in the era when American manufacturing was not widely concerned. 3sixteen successfully opened up the market of high-end denim brands on the east and west coasts of the United States. Made In USA is made in the United States, and has been famous in the world of European and American tannins.






Based in New York and active on both sides of the coast, 3sixteen initially focused on street fashion. Later, the products became popular overnight after adding jeans, and the style became more and more mature. Choose New York as a base to present a more modern take on classic menswear.




The brand is often co-branded with old American manufacturers and well-known brands. Different from the exaggeration and high prices of trendy brands, reasonable prices and pleasing products often create topics in the industry.

In addition to commercial products, 3sixteen is committed to cultivating relationships with artists, craftsmen, and design creators, giving back to these sources of brand nutrition with a humble attitude, and enhancing cultural exchanges and customer tastes.


3sixteen x Alpha Industry 15th Anniversary Joint Name


3sixteen x Schott leather jacket joint name


3sixteen x Viberg leather boots collaboration

​Different from popular brands, as long as 3sixteen has a certain style of jeans, it is the highest principle to ensure the durability and practicality of the jeans. The brand believes that after wearing good jeans, it will produce a beautiful "old look" instead of being used up. The "shabby feeling" of throwing away, this core value implements all the brand's single products, aiming to produce good clothes that will last forever.





​Many people have loved 3sixteen for many years and still don’t know how the name got its name. In fact, it comes from the beliefs of the brand managers Andrew and Johan. The religious background of the two Asian immigrant families deeply affects their lives. 316 itself represents the chapter of John 3:16, which is not important to many customers, but has a profound impact on the operation and philosophy behind the brand.





3sixteen tries its best not to focus on itself, but to put people first, such as caring for dealers. Every new product is exposed to dealers one week in advance, so that customers from all over the world can have a sneak peek, and it will be released on the official website a week later. In this way, the brand not only grows itself, but also grows with merchants across the United States and around the world in the process.

In the process of selling, 3sixteen also tried their best to convey that the production process of cheap things does not sacrifice the profits of the brand, but the blood and sweat of the production workers. For Americans who are addicted to cheap substances, this is really not easy to accept. But for the whole planet, country, and people, "producing high-quality, reasonably priced goods" is the correct and healthy model.




The goal of 3sixteen is not to disseminate personal beliefs and dogmas, but to produce high-quality trousers for the brand, and to tell people the degree of transparency of the brand through various channels, so that consumers can understand that behind the purchase of the brand, they can support the family of the tailor , co-signed artists, local neighbors, and a series of small business owners and entrepreneurs, which make customers excited about consuming 3sixteen products. I had a bad day today. I just received a package from 3sixteen when I got home. I was so touched when I opened it. This will be a completely different consumer experience.


(Johan & Andrew, shot by SomeoneElse.us)

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3sixteen-hunting jacket-hunting-jacket