Naked&Famous-no bullshit, only best denim

Originated from Montreal, Canada, Naked & Famous (N&F) is also known as "一起成名" and "麻女" in Chinese. The meaning behind the brand name is to satirize the contemporary popular culture of worshiping celebrities, especially under the birth of Hollywood. A sensational brand, this kind of jeans cost NT$9,000 to tens of thousands, and the reason is nothing more than endorsement by celebrities, etc. The price is not expensive because of the materials and craftsmanship.
Because of the above reasons, Naked and Famous will never fall into the stereotype of a typical fashion brand. The manager Brandon Svarc (Brandon Svarc) abandons all marketing budgets such as celebrity endorsements, and invests all resources in the denim fabrics selected by the brand. Inside, the famous Japanese old shuttle looms are used to develop raw-color jeans that are recognized as excellent in quality. There is no additional processing, washing, or unreasonable parts. In cooperation with Japan's high-end retro denim factories, fabrics from Kuroki ​, Japan Blue, Kaihara, Nihon Menpu, Kurabo, etc. continue to push denim weaving technology to new peaks every season.

Each piece of fabric has its irreplaceable characteristics, with the illustrations of the well-known artist Alvin Lee (the author of the whirlwind), conveying the different characters of denim fabrics

Promotion of the brand's famous concept of keeping pants

​The charm of jeans is that they will fade naturally after wearing, which is called fading. Good jeans are processed by high-level rope dyeing (Rope Dye), and the color after fading is more natural, and because different people wear it , Washing habits, produce traces with personal characteristics.

The picture below shows the appearance of dark blue jeans after two years of wearing

​That's right, the pile of dark jeans above is behind.

After several years of "experimentation", Naked and Famous really produced a lot of ridiculous jeans designs, such as jeans that glow at night; jeans that emit fragrance; even fabrics made of bulletproof fibers. The brand design has become more mature, and now there are fewer overly exaggerated ideas. Instead, the brand regularly provides limited editions of higher-level players.

The picture below shows the Chinese New Year Year of the Monkey zodiac illustration jeans style

In 2018, it co-signed with Street Fight II

The Made In Japan MIJ series is the highest tribute to craftsmen's craftsmanship, and all the engraved details you can think of are on it​.

Japanese traditional Tempi Treatment, hand-washed to minimize the shrinkage of each pair of pants and retain the most original fabric details.

Naked-and-famous-MIJ-made-in-japan-jeans-Made in Japan

Naked & Famous believes that in addition to the finer features and quality of Japanese fabrics, more importantly, they have the soul of a craftsman. Through solid workmanship and reasonable prices, more people can enjoy this luxury.

This is like Andy Warhol's achievement in pop art, giving the general public the opportunity to enjoy the once mysterious and noble art/craft, which also forms a perfect echo with the blonde girl on the N&F brand leather label.