The second skin - Nudie Jeans

Made In Italy

Recognized as one of the best in the denim world Slim fit ​Italian tailor,

Rare Seiko ​Boutique- grade hand-washed, damaged patches Long-lasting and durable ​Unique patented fabric,

unusually high level of comfort

Design in Sweden Design in Sweden

Founded by former LEE European line designer Maria Erixon

Johan Lindstedt, a well-known designer in the denim industry

In just fifteen years, it has become the top three denim design brands in Europe

Independent design without following fashion trends, faithful and timeless

20% of the world's wastewater comes from the apparel industry Sustainability at heart

Since its inception in 2001

He put forward the concept of 100% organic cotton to reduce pollution,

Complete all production chain reforms within ten years to avoid land desertification,

achieve permaculture

Swedes' commitment to sustainability goes way beyond that

Reasonable wages enough to support a good life ​Living Wages

Nudie for Italian origin

Or employees of any other OEM countries such as Europe

Give far more than average treatment

Transparent sources of raw materials, production lines, waste disposal

And achieve 100% non-toxic production of every pair of jeans in 2018

Selected as the "Global Sustainable Ethical Fashion Brand First Prize" by international media for several consecutive years

Original Factory Direct Store Lifetime Warranty Free Repairs Forever

​Since 2010

The original factory has expanded more than 22 direct sales stores around the world

​Wherever you buy,

Just go back to the concept of the original factory direct sales outlets,

You can enjoy free repair service

2018 patched trousers folded higher than the Burj Khalifa

The Naked Truth About Denim
There's no sustainability without transparency

Being nice and keeping it real
Honest​ Friendly environment and people

Origin guide published on the official website

​Proactively prepare and submit a sustainable annual report ​Detailed carbon dioxide and water resource usage

The source of every component on the product page is open and transparent

Become the most environmentally friendly denim brand in the world within 20 years