Wonder Looper

Wonder Looper is a brand founded by Risa Saito and Bahzad Trinos, who live in Yokohama. They not only have a soft spot for classic clothing culture, but they are also one of the core members of the famous Canadian denim brand Naked & Famous. The company was founded At the beginning, it mainly used antique hand sewing machines to produce customized embroidery designs for customers.
With the vast amount of knowledge accumulated in related industries, they decided to start producing their own knitwear brand. Through their extensive network and insistence on quality, they found the best knitting factory in Japan. Pattern making, cutting and sewing are all in the local area. Finished and characterized by the thickest handle in the world, the excellent quality also quickly promoted the popularity of Wonder Looper to the world, becoming one of the representatives of high-end knitting brands.

Wonder Looper is a knitwear company founded by Risa Saito and Bahzad Trinos, a married couple based in Yokohama, Japan. They started the company using vintage hand cranked chainstitching machines to produce custom embroidered pieces by hand.

Rather than using generic blank t-shirts, they decided to produce their own, using their expertise and knowledge of the apparent industry to create high-quality, specialty knifewear. They are known for their obsessive commitment to quality and their use of unique and rare fabrics. This has helped to make Wonder Looper a successful and well-respected brand in the world of knitwear.