Nudie Jeans x Jeff Olsson

Nudie Jeans 和 Jeff Olsson 的合作不僅僅是將時尚與藝術融合在一起,更是將兩個世界交織在一起,而這兩個世界正好都對神秘、神話和憂鬱充滿熱愛。

Nudie Jeans 和 Jeff Olsson 都來自瑞典,這是一片因長長的黑暗冬季而誕生了神話傳說的土地,這裡的極簡設計常常與深厚的文化敘事相對照。這種共同的傳承確保了 Olsson 的藝術不僅僅是一個附加物,更反映了 Nudie Jeans 的靈魂。


The collaboration between Nudie Jeans and Jeff Olsson isn't just about merging fashion with art; it's about intertwining two worlds that both share a love for the mystique, the mythical, and the melancholic.

Both Nudie Jeans and Jeff Olsson hail from Sweden, a land where long, dark winters have given birth to myths and legends, and where minimalist design is often juxtaposed with rich cultural narratives. This shared heritage ensures that Olsson's art is not merely an addition but a reflection of Nudie Jeans' soul.

This limited edition collaboration will be available exclusively at selected flagship stores, and only while stocks last.